12 Best Geisha Tattoo Designs


When we think of a Geisha, the immediate thought that comes to our minds is that of a beautiful, artistic and a perfect woman who has a mysterious demure and is always dressed in the best of kimonos and face paints. Traditionally, a Geisha was a consort who would entertain men, not necessarily on bed, but would offer a relaxing time, making them feel like kings of the world. Geisha were not prostitutes but were a kind of courtesans who were well versed in all the topics of wisdom and arts. As far as Geisha tattoos are concerned, these are a favorite with both men and women since these designs are very unique and are mostly big in size as they involve a lot of motifs and patterns. Come and take a look at the top 12 Geisha tattoo designs that are simply astounding:

121. Artistic Geisha tattoo

Artistic Geisha tattoo design

One of the most mysterious women for whom men have fought wars are Geisha who have always lured men and entertained them with mystery and seduction. This is what is to be seen here as this tattoo design of a beautifully inked bust of a Geisha takes your breath away with its mesmerizing facial expression and the artistic manner in which her hair has been carved to look real. The design is black in colour with a few strands of hair falling on the Geisha’s face, making men swoon with pleasure!

Image credit: tattoosonbody