10 Best Indian Tattoo Designs


Buckle up for a ride through Indian tattoo designs from days gone by to contemporary designs. Indians have been known to come up with very authentic and creative tattoo designs that have defined how tattoos are done today. Their rich inks and nature inspired tattoo designs have made them very popular within India and outside as well. Here is the list of best Indian Tattoo Designs to inspire you.

1. Hindu Tattoo design

This traditional Indian tattoo can be found on many iconic Indian personalities and it best captures the beauty of India’s natural attractions.

Hindu tattoo

Image credit: Heledis


2. Indian art Tattoo Design

No doubt this Indian tattoo design is among the most popular among even those who are not of Indian roots. It blends the contemporary and ancient writings perfectly.

Inked writings tattoo

Image credit: Tattooton

3. Flower Indian Tattoo

Indian tattoos are known to reflect bold designs and this particular one is a good design to show off. It looks finest on the arm or leg where it can be visible from several angles.

Flower Indian Tattoo

Image credit: Stylecraze

4. Indian traditional tattoo design

Indians love their ancient designs and they are a good representation of what they stand for.

Traditional tattoo design

Image credit: Stylesatlife

5. Ancient Indian Tattoo design

Indians know all too well that antique and classic tattoo designs persist despite the changing times.

Ancient Indian Tattoo

Image credit: Tattoodesign


6. Sacred Mehndi Tattoo

This an authentic Indian tattoo design on the upper arm which is credited for its ability to blend with most outfits thanks to its black ink.

Mehndi Tattoo designs

Image credit: Stylecraze

7. Crown Indian tattoo design

A creative tattoo originating from India aping ornaments on the body. This would also work well with other ornaments on the arms or legs.

Crown Indian tattoo

Image credit: Lookmytattoo

8. Indian Tribal Tattoo

This tattoo bets exemplifies the splendor that is found on the Indian land. It caries with it a lot of pride and patriotism.

Indian Tribal Tattoo

Image credit: Tattoodesignsideas

9. Lord Ganesha Tattoo

A colorful Ganesha tattoo with strong and pronounced outlines on the arm that makes for a great show off especially because of its blend of colors.

Lord Ganesha Tattoo

Image credit: Slodive


10. Native Indian Tattoo Ideas

A typical Indian pretty tattoo complete with shiny ornaments placed strategically to compliment the fine work of art.

Native Indian tattoo

Image credit: Tattooadvices

Whether you are looking to get tattoo ideas from the past or present, you might want to consider these fine tattoo designs that have gained popularity due to their rich allure.